Thursday, April 07, 2005

I can count the number of times we actually met in person, even number of hours spent together can be counted easily but number of hours spent talking over phone can’t be :-).

In past 4 yrs, I tried all cellular service providers.. “Airtel”, Hutch”, “Idea”, “Dolphin/Trump” and finally settled down with Reliance….helping Anil & Mukesh in realizing DhiruBhai’s dream.

It is nothing short of a miracle; it’s something straight out of fairytales. Yes, I’m talking about my marriage; we met in yahoo chat room in the year 2001 and now after a 4yrs of long distance relationship we are happily married (so far : -P)

This feeling is something unexplainable; harder I try to pen down this…faster my mind goes blank.

There is someone up there controlling everything.

Thank you YAHOO.
Thank you MTNL.
Thank you Deepesh for providing me chori-ke-Satyam-and-BSNL passwords.
Thank you Gagan for dragging me along to Lucknow much against my wishes.
Thank you Vipul for being my host @ Lucknow on my subsequent trips, for all breakfasts and dinners u made for me.
Thank you Sana, Shaila, Sara and Ghuncha.
Thank you Payal and Prachi.
Thank you IRCTC.
Thank you Jain Sahab.
…the list is endless…

...Thank you everybody for all the wishes and prayers.


shub said...

yahoo chat??! OMG!!! who wud've thought!!
:) :) :) nice post, btw! doesn't she blog?

Akruti said...

That was so sweet:))) Yahoo,hmm,takes me back to a few of my memories.Havefun and lots of goodwishes to u,i am so happy for u,and if u r coming down to hyd or if this yr i will come to delhi then will pukka take a treat:)))))))) teek hai na:)

Parth said...

:-) I guess the internet came to your rescue

Stone said...

@shub:: yep, who wud've thot.....those were the days...when chatrooms were neat n clean.
No she doesn't blog.

@neelima:: Thanks mate, hey u r MOST WELCOME here, come anytime.

@parth:: rescue?? whose rescue..mine..nooooooo :-)

Arunima said...

oh! that was so sweet.

Madi said...

hey congrats :D im sure its a wonderful feeling. and i hope it stays like tis forever!

good luck pal!

P.S by the way, how did u landed in my blog?! :S

| Ep/ID | said...

Wow! an awesome love story! I mean, this should be published in a newspaper. No offense, but its very needed for normal people to see taht not every chat relationship is just a fucked up thing!

but anyways, kudos to you!!

Debalina said...

Congrats big bad guy !
Hope you 2 remain happy together forever.

Ektz..I agree with you totally.. Atleast , I'll have some1z story to show my mom when I put up my cause.

manuscrypts said...

lol... chat reality show!!.. fairytale and god bless you, you'll live happily ever after. :)

Stone said...

@Arunima:: :-)
@Madiha Saleem:: Thanks mate; well I reached ur blog thru Arunima's.
@EktZ:: sighhh....those were the days...when chatrooms were neat n clean. Thanks.
@Debalina:: Thank you so much; hope things work out for you too, all the very best.
@manu:: and ever and ever and ever.... :-)

medussa said...

Oh wow~ wot a blessing. we need to have such examples around to have our faith have the hope that yes love does find a way~

Pallavi said...

ahaha I met my hubby through rediff :)

romila said...

Hey,stone: Somehow ,I got to reading bits and pieces of your blog and before I realised it, I have read almost all of it in a span of 1 and 1/2 day. Rare for the lazy me to do such stuff. Found the place quite mellow and interesting. Did u say you met your wife in yahoo chatroom?? Hey,I met my hubby too online in yahoo messenger. Cool!!

V said...

I never thought that the chat room relationships really work out, until I saw all these comments here. Boy, looks like I have a big perception problem. :-)