Monday, April 11, 2005

Dada....seriously u need a break from both forms of cricket, step down do not ruin the career of likes of Dinesh Mongia/Hemang Badani etc.
And as a consequence of this, players like Yuvraj n Kaif can't be dropped coz of their poor performance.
Dada lead by example....step down :-P


1 month 'Marriage Anniversary'?? hahahaha.....I dunno what is the correct term for completing one month of something.

Note to self :: FOCUS is the word.....just 3 books boss just 3 books, go for it. Yes....


shub said...

mmmm...everyone is baying for his blood!!!! i'm not a fan of saurav...but i think he just needs sometime and a coupla good knoks out in the middle! :) aaj kya hoga let's see!
nad congrats on the monthlyversary man ;) its a phrase taht was coined for my sis n jeeju! :D
ps: any plans of visting bangy?!

Stone said...

@shub:: "monthlyversary" :-) ....I like it!
Nahi yaar no plans of visiting B'lore.
ps: any plans of visiting Delhi? :-)

aaj phir haar gayee...dada ab bas karo...

Anonymous said...

well u seem to be the prannoy roy of cricket,its been quite often that ur blog say something and its been implemented. this time Ganguly goes out for 6 matches,WOW.
Congrats on 1st monthly anniversary.

Stone said...

@Anon:: Well, cricket is much more than a sport for thousands of people like me; cricketers have to be accountable;
Dada first must justify himself as a “batsman “to retain his place in the squad.
It was coz of him we lost the Ahemdabad match, when we needed quick runs n Sachin was badly suffering from fatigue n cramps that time then dada was busy showing is (so-called) technique that broke the rhythm and dried the runs.

Thanks for the wishes pal!!!

Pallavi said...

may you have a long way to go