Thursday, April 14, 2005

now I'm less than 45 hours away from her :-) ....its going to be great….meeting her after 12 days.....{*}

alas... in reality, I'll be traveling with my parents and I know she won't b coming to airport..only her parents and her brother will come to receive us ...{another delay of 30mins} uhhh...anti-climax :-(
And from then script for next 32 hrs has already been written by my F-i-L, our itinerary is like Lucknow-Ayodhya-Lucknow and back to Delhi by Sunday evening, its going to be hectic; going to different temples doesn't excite me a bit but...but....nobody listens to me damn it!!!!

And dear wife has already ordered me to get the hair-cut done, and asked to wear that black cargos with that gray t-shirt..... B-(

hmmm..this is life!!!!
Time management boss, Time management, each minute is precious, do something.


shub said...

:-) i think its cute when gfs/wives tell u what outfit to turn up in! :)

Sangeeta said...

I did the same when I was newly maried..and since then..hubby has changed so many hair stlyles..thanks to my suggestions...and I'm sure he loves to be fussed over too:P

Akruti said...

Haan boss,kuch karna chahiye,waise aap yehaan kya kar rahe ho,go for the haircut which she ordered u for;)
cho chweeet,lol,god bless u both with manymore smiles and joy:)))havefun

Pallavi said...

welcome to marital bliss