Thursday, April 14, 2005


Dear All,
We are constrained to inform you that there has hardly been any improvement in attendance. By 9 am today, just 50% employees had marked their attendance. The managing director has expressed his displeasure at this trend and desires that all associates be present in office by 9 am on all working days.
We would also like you to note that we have only 30 minutes for the lunch break and not one hour. All are therefore advised to adhere to the following floor-wise lunch schedule :-
Lunch timing :-
Ground floor 1:00 to 1:30

Basement, First floor 1:30 to 2:00

Good wishes

1) hmmm..I would like to know the % of employees who work well after 6pm ;-)
2) Another brilliant idea, how abt opening a dominos outlet in the office premises, that'll surely save lots of time and will increase the productivity :-P


shub said...

what half an hour lunch??? OUT OF Q!!
i'g go to the basement for half n hour n ground floor for another half~! :D

manuscrypts said...

time for a revolution, i say

Sangeeta said...

Ya...each office must have it's own canteen atleast..or else restricting lunch hours to 30 minutes makes no sense.

Arunima said...

aw! that is torture.

Akruti said...

How abt finding out % of employees who work only after 6pm;)
and well, i dont know the difficulties of half an hr lunch:) i dont eat my lunch at all:))

Stone said...

@shub:: management is going insane abt productivity issues here...this is to stop people from going out for lunch.

@manuscrypts:: not exactly, their enthu will fade away in 2-3 days ;-)

@Sangeeta:: hmm here we have a huge cafetaria with all facilities, as i said this is to harras people like me :-)

@Arunima:: for those who follow this ;-)

@Neelima:: hmmmm...calorie conscious??

Pallavi said...

:) and you think opening an outlet would change habits :)