Tuesday, October 25, 2005

waiting for myself to get into posting mode.
Being a cricket fanatic, loved the each ball bowled in yesterday's match.
Despite a ton in Duleep trophy match, Dada's return seems distant, but again u never know India selectors.
ICC Super series:: Brilliant idea, pathetic execution. I'm not at all surprised by performance of Lara/Inzamam/Peterson but Kallis's no-show was extremely disappointing.
Btw, why the hell they choose Smith as World Test XI captain, he is too immature for the role. His appointment as SA's captain was a desperate measure by SA selectors after the world cup debacle. But dunno what made ICC team selectors choose him to lead the world side.

My choice:: Stephen Fleming, He is BEST captain around, and against Australia he 'works' best.
Btw, on weekend rammed into Maharani Gayatri Devi.
Mazza nahi aa raha yaaar, restlessness hai.

shoulder pain is killing me...softly.


Anonymous said...

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infinity said...

lost interest in cricket a long time back...maharani gayatri devi!?!wow!!!

Arunima said...

get a good massage. Ask wifey to do it but remember to do the same for her in time :-)

Parth said...

Damn, I couldn't catch the match (and won't catch the rest either :-( ). Now i am glad Sachin didn't play for the Super Series. What a comeback by him! Now I hope our team keeps up the performance for the rest of the series.

manuscrypts said...

exchanged numbers?? :)

Stone said...

@infinity:: start watching it again dude, the KING is back.

@Arunima:: ya she applied moov but that didn't help.

@Parth:: True, wat a comeback knock, lets hope they keep it up unlike against pakistan series.

@manuscrypts:: nope, I was in hurry ;-)

Anonymous said...

well 2 great performance and really big wins for India,something which we have forgotten in last couple of years,
a rare sight of batting display and exuberant bowling.

I dont want to say much as only 6 months back we had lost the home series 2-4 after winning the first 2 games against pakistan.

But whatever it is,its worth watching irfan,sachin,dravid,jp yadav and murli kartik in great form. sehwag is also recovering.
and the best thing, DADA is not there even for the next 3 matches, end of his innings i believe.

Hiren said...

Agree with you on fleming and Dada. The problem with poor execution was because of poor team work because the team had members of disparate nations.

Anonymous said...

gayatri devi? huh? what?


Nupur said...

I'm total dumbo when it comes to cricket! I mean... I used to watch it a lot with my bro n dad in India.... but sinse I came here...! :(

But you have fun mate!
Take care...

manuscrypts said...

happy diwali :)

the Monk said...

Ganguly can make it back...he's got the talent...Fleming's good, but I dunno if he's the best...But i think he would work best against the Aussies....

infinity said...

a very happy diwali to you and all your family...

Stone said...

@Anonymous/Amit:: Now 4 wins in a row, and this is the almost same team minus Ganguly which lost thrice to Lanka recently.
And as Chappel said, difference is that now its a "Happy Team" ;-)

@Hiren:: Thats right, best of players of world put togther doesn't makes the best team.

@~M:: What huhh kiddo??

@missnupur:: If u don't watch cricket then u r missing something. Take care of urself.

@manuscrypts:: Yo man!!! Thanks for the wishes, hope that u n ur family had good fun this festive season.

@the Monk :: Yes, he's got talent but considering the way youngsters r perfroming, for him making a comeback is becoming difficult. Well, I still feel Fleming is the best captain around, his team doesn't consist of stars or relies of individual brilliance, but the way Fleming manages his bit-n-pieces resources is commendable.
Moreover, if look at the other captains like Inzy/Smith/Dravid/Chanderpaul/Vaughan/Ponting/Taibu/Atapattu , Fleming stands out, he leads from the front by example.

@infinity:: Thanks dude, hope u too had good time. take care of urself.

Prasad said...

ya.. the Indian cricket is going thro' a good phase now. the youngsters r coming good.. y'day they lost the first match against the Sri Lankans, but was good to seee the youngsters given some chance too..
I luved this series jus cos the team is very refreshing and new... and commited too.. consistency is still a thing we need to master.. hope we can do tht soon.. :)

Stone said...

@Prasad:: Hi Prasad, I 200% agree with you :-)

Pallavi said...

I hope your shoulder is better now

Maybe you need a new look and a break from blogging :)