Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Controversies about stars arise right at the time of their movie releases, just a coincidence or what?

1) "Silsilay" --- Ashmit Patel-Riya Sen MMS scandal.
2) "Maine pyaar kyu kiya" --- Salman Khan's underworld-links tapes controversy.
3) "Mangal Pandey" -- Aamir Khan's illegitimate kid controversy.
4) "Ek haseena ek khiladi" --- Fardeen-Koeina MMS scandal.
5) "Rain/Jackpot" --- Meghna Naidu posters controversy.

Some cool...'thought provoking' GRAFFITI
  • He guy who thinks he's never made a mistake has a wife who made one.
  • Pension: Money to burn after the fire's gone out.
  • Today you can't make long-range plans -- like for tomorrow.
  • Today Money goes as far but gets there quicker.
  • The cost of experience may be high, but you can't get it any cheaper.
  • You've heard money talk, but it's more profitable to hear it whisper.
  • Could space aliens be using earth as their outdoor asylum?

14) Before Sunset
13) One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
12) Taxi Driver
11) The Shawshank Redemption
10) Incredibles
9) Finding Nemo
8) Before sunrise
7) Sleepless in Seattle
6) A Beautiful Mind
5) As Good as It Gets
4) Ocean's Eleven
3) Pretty Woman
2) Finding Neverland
1) Forrest Gump
A close friend is bringing all these for me from Malaysia. :-)


Handa said...

well.. whts the basis of the numbering tht u hve given? its not chronological. its not alphabetical. i very strongly doubt that its in order of personal preference bcos i cannot believe that someone would like Ocean's Eleven more than Shawshank.. but if u hve taken the pains to do a reverse numbering, it should hve a pattern / basis.... cant spot that.. so please tell us.

Parth said...

What was the Fardeen-Koena scandal? Didn't know of that one.

Prasad said...

hmm.. true reg the controversies... but in the case of the Farden-Koeina, the producer has proclaimed himself tht he is doing this for promoting his film.. :))
thts a gud collection of movies.. I do have some 4-5 of those movies.. and Forrest Gump is one of my all time fav films :)

manuscrypts said...

in the spirit of friendship, pass on the good fortune, i say :)

pallavi said...

Loved all the movies.. man..

Arunima said...

I missed the Fardeen khan thingy :-)

and somebody is going to have a lovely collection.

the Monk said...

k, tht's a pretty good collection of movies...have seen omst of them, but a few still are left...nice blog, btw...

shub said...

whatta list!! is this some collection or is he just getting the dvds individually?!
ask him to send me one too:p

Anonymous said...

we are all waiting for a blog from you on india's clean finish against SL and what's ahead against proteas.

Any guesses for SA series : India 3-2 SA

anumita said...

Fardeen Koena one is a promotional thing. Lovely list of movies. Have most of them. I too get a lot of DVDs from Bangkok. Cheaper there.

Smiling Agony said...

Hi !!

Nice list there but have you seen Serendipity and Notting Hill - they are nice too...... and what about Shrek and Spirit ..... another movies a thriller starring morgan freeman and gene hackmen - Under Suspicion - anyway a great list to have for free I suppose - ENjoi......

Surinder said...

have seen all of them ! .. very very nice ! :)

Stone said...

@Handa::...don't read too much in this!!!, its a just a random list with random numbering. CAT is takin its toll :-)

@Parth:: Prasad,anumita answered it.

@Prasad:: wat a ridiculous way I must say!!! Forrest Gump is also one of my all time fav movie.

@manuscrypts:: all yours brother!!! :-)

@pallavi:: same here :-)

@Arunima:: hahahaha...yes now movies have arrived safely :-)

@the Monk:: thanks dude!!!

@shub:: individual DVDs; hmm u want them? okz will ask him to send some.

@Anonymous/Amit:: Well, me too wanted to write abt the series but dunno wat keeps me busy these days :-(
hmmm for SA series, I say SA 4-1 India.

@anumita:: yes, they much cheaper thats y I asked hime to get me those.

@Smiling Agony:: no doubt Serendipity and Notting Hill were nice but i didn't like Shrek.
Free?? not free yaar.

@Surinder:: Same here :-)

infinity said...

wish u a gr8 movie fiesta...time for a new post...watsay?

Abhishek said...

i 2 have a lotsa movies on da rack....The Shawshank Redemption,good u reminded me....shal watch it 2de...
anyways,good blog.

Arunima said...

new post please