Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Biggest and Brightest of 2007

Biggest and brightest moon of 2007 was spotted on 25-Oct-2007 Thursday, and luckily I managed to capture it that day :-)


Parth said...

That's a cool snap.

~nm said...


And you are posting it now?? Shame on you!!

Its simply beautiful. BTW, what camera do you have that you could do such high zoom?

Stone said...

@Parth:: Thanks Man!

@~nm:: Thank you :-) , areey I'm just plain lazy :-)

I've "Canon PowerShot S2 IS" with 12x optical zoom.

gunj said...

gr8 picha!! :)

shub said...

damn good one! forgot to comment earlier :)
and you're posting it NOW? :P

Arunima said...

I can't see the chamkao of the moon.

Stone said...

@@Gunj :: Thanks for dropping by!

@@Shub:: hahaha, I'm L A Z Y :-)

@@Arunima:: You mean 'Chandni'? :-)
Btw, here I call all Goris Chandni :-)

Priyanka Mahanta said...

Hi. I can see you've captured some breathtakingly beautiful pics. Really loved them. Keep it up!