Monday, January 21, 2008

Strange are the ways of BCCI, I wonder what pleasure they derive by announcing the team in middle of a series?

Though I don’t have any issues with dropping Ganguly (I know he performed well last year, only second to Sachin in terms of runs, though I always doubt if his runs really helped, lets not get into that now) , but now if one believes the reports that Dhoni was keen to have most of Twenty-20 victorious team, that in other words , he is kind-of instrumental in dropping of Ganguly, Dravid, and master of Aussie turfs Laxman.

Now what if these three score big hundreds in last test? What if Sehwag fails errr….again?

I’ve already started to imagine the chit-chat among slip cordon (comprising Laxman/Dravid and Ganguly) and wicketkeeper in next test.

So much fun, I say :-)


gunj said...

cricket cricket everywhere...wats soo gr8 bout d game i still dnt knw!!

Parth said...

I am not sure about the timing of the dropping mainly because you have to have developed good alternatives before you drop guys like Ganguly. Last year, the reason we have been competitive against some of the major teams in ODIs was the Ganguly-Tendulkar partnership.

Stone said...

@@gunj:: It's not for everyone :-)

@@Parth:: are right, doing wholesale changes that too for 'away-series' doesn't make much sense.