Thursday, June 09, 2016

Rule# 107

This one is probably going to be my favorite rule, or at least as of now.

Lately, that’s the conclusion so far –

107)  “It’s all about the stories you tell others, and most importantly to yourself” that defines you and your life.


Mirage said...

And that both stories match!

I see you're still updating your rule book! Let's hear some stories for a change? ;)

Stone said...

Or the ones you tell yourself be better than others.

...and I see you've been jumping making new blogs :-) , please change the background color of devil's angel it is not suitable for reading it at work :-) , just kidding keep it the way it is.

Yes, it's been more than 6 years and all I write here are rules for my son. :-)
Some day will write something else worth reading :-)
Take care.