Monday, November 15, 2004

Me and movies....

On coming 29th, my nephew will complete 3 years and I'll complete one year since I watched a movie in a cinema hall in Delhi;{and I consider myself a movie-buff.}

After doing fair amount of thinking I conclude that I didn't watch movies which I really wanted to, coz of lack of company. Yes that’s the only reason, I myself was never too busy nor was too disorganized.
And I openly blame my only friend with whom I've been watching movies since 1990; he is lazy; disorganized and everything :-) I missed the thrill of watching works of favorite people on big screen all coz of him and his excuses.
hmmm.. but I know his all excuses were not exactly excuses, sometimes he had family commitments - work commitments.
My other friends are either in some other town or married or both; so one factor or another rules out going out with them, recently one of newly married friend asked me to watch "Vaastu-Shastra" with him as his wife doesn't like horror movies and trust me that was much below belt. And I refused in most blunt manner and rightly so :-)

Now I think I've mastered the art of suppressing my urge to go out..or to watch movies. I'm more content being at home with myself.

But still certain movies/events rekindle the passion to reach out and indulge; which I feel I must do more often.
I really wanted to watch some movies and thoroughly enjoyed their promos on different channels and waited patiently for them to release but.....
I still want to watch these in cinema hall.

  • Spiderman2 (yet to watch)
  • Lakshya (saw this once on cable but picture n audio quality was too bad)
  • Main hoon na (I know its not worth spending 3 hours but...loyality bhi koi cheez hoti hai)
  • Khakee (yet to watch the complete movie but liked watever bits n pieces I managed)
  • Jhankar beats(have seen this n of times,and can watch it another n number of times, truely dil-chahata-hai type stuff)
  • Phir Milenge (yet to watch)

And latest additions in the above mentioned list are

  • Veer Zaara (top on the list right now)
  • Mughal-e-azam.
  • Swades...

Sometimes thoughts of watching movie alone also crosses my mind but.....heart speaks louder than mind and prefer being at home.

All this is nothing but Problem Description....
and solution is........


Arunima said...

any plans of coming to Bangalore?:-)

manuscrypts said...

hmm, would like to watch mughal-e-azam on the big screen too, i have to declare war on laziness now!!

Stone said...

@Arunima :: Not in near future :-)
@manuscrypts :: Yes, let see who watches it first. :-)