Thursday, November 11, 2004


Why do we celebrate diwali???
and came the answer, Lord Ram and family came back to Ayodhaya after spending 14 years in exile, people greeted them in grand manner, and since then we commemorate this occasion with respect and use it for official bribery and to show off our social status.

but is that the only Estory??
With so many 'auspicious days' preceding and following the main day, it has become seriously confusing to know the significance of all these festivities; it is nothing more than an official holiday, and officially doing shopping till late night.

Well, other story I know is of King Bali, who wanted to perform 100 yagnas so that he can attain some mighty powers and de-throne Lord Indra, then Lord Indra pleaded to Lord Vishnu to stop Bali, and Lord Vishu then appeared in form of "Baman" interupted his 100th yagna and sent him to "Patal Lok" but gave him a "diya" of knowledge granted him a wish to return to
earth once a year to spread light, knowledge and wisdom.

I'm sure there are soooooo many theories behind each day of celebration but....who cares. getting boring , so better ESTOP.
*Also, on diwali-day Lord Krishna discarded his body.


And now ...Diwali is

National holiday,
Markets remain open till midnight,
Complete chaos on roads,
Air-pollution level goes high,
Noise pollution scares the hell out of pets and infants.
And the next morning, there are clouds of smoke everywhere, dirty roads which remain so for a week.

{{and and...street children searching unused crackers in garbage, roaming door to door asking for diwali-bakshish.Really we live in such a strange society where the difference among different stratum is indescribable.}}


I'm a new Firefox convert :-), and its good to me till now.

Scene at a "shok-sabha" at a distant relative's place, Panditji was giving lecture on the life and everything..suddenly his phone rang..."Dhoom maccha ley dhoom macha le doom" , was sooooo funny.






Why do we celebrate Holi?? B-(


Arunima said...

lol, dhoom macha le. couldn't control it. if it was impolite sorry.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord. This scene at the shok sabha - did it really happen/

- Reshma

Stone said...

@Arunima :: no need to say sorry, only I know how I controlled myself then :-)

@Reshma :: Yes, it actually happened.